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OLED test and inspection

Samsung-Galaxy-Fold (courtesy Samsung Electronics)

OLED display inspection and physico-chemical characterisation is crucial to the development and manufacturing scale-up of materials for multiple low power consumer devices and  large scale commercial displays.


Corbeau Innovation’s partner InZiv has developed a high performance OLED inspection system. The OmniPix-OL1000 combines automated optical inspection with spectral and topographic characterisation. Without removing the sample, the OmniPix-OL1000 can then make correlated high resolution examination of defects and features.

OmniPix-OL1000 OLED inspection system
OmniPix-OL1000 OLED inspection system


  • Optical, spectral and topography of OLED pixels & defects

  • Large scale panels for defect areas

  • Pixel features and a variety of defects
  • And characterise defects at the sub-micron scale
  • Sub-pixel features and correlate optical, spectral & topographic properties
  • Panels and pixels non-destructively

Corbeau Innovation Ltd is the authorised representative of InZiv in the United Kingdom and Nordic regions