UK business support

As we all get back to a new normal, the UK government has announced innovation funding support to help us make it a better normal.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are projects of around £110k, with SMEs contributing around £35k and larger businesses £55k. These are particularly useful when you want to add a competitive advantage to an existing product or service. Deadlines: 15 July/ 7 October/ 2 December 2020

IETF Industrial energy efficiency and decarbonisation study grants for manufacturers or data centres of any size in England, Wales or N Ireland for feasibility and pilot projects. These are large projects, with a minimum grant award of £250k representing 30-65% of project costs. Deadline: 28 October 2020.

Digital Supply Chain feasibility study grants for any UK manufacturer. These are also large projects between £1-3m total costs. Deadline 7 October 2020.

Sustainable Innovation Fund for economic recovery from COVID-19. It is open to any UK business(es) and a SME partner. Businesses can claim up to 80% funding which makes this one of the most attractive funding opportunities. Projects must be £100-500k total costs and each business can claim up to a grant up to £175k. Projects must be prompted by business changes required due to COVID-19 but these cover a wide range of opportunities. Deadline: 29 July 2020.

EUREKA GlobalStars Singapore for product, process or service development in a collaborative research and development project. Project costs up to £350k will be covered representing grants of 50-70%. The project can include any EUREKA country participants but must include a partner in Singapore. Deadline: 15 October 2020.

Designing Sustainable Plastic Solutions to reduce plastics’ harm to the environment, increase productivity and help the economy. This is a small project grant for total costs £20-80k with 50-70% of costs met by the grant award. Deadline: 16 September 2020

EUREKA Healthy Aging projects to develop digital health technologies in collaboration with other EUREKA countries. Any UK business can apply but the project must be organised by a SME. 25-70% project costs are funded up to a maximum of £500k. Deadline: 5 August 2020

Contact Corbeau for help finding suitable partners and submitting proposals.