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Strawberries (Image courtesy Creative Commons)

Hourly and weekly Strawberry Greenhouse sensor readings are available on user webpages like this one and available for download as simple text files from a dedicated file server.


Latest microclimate data

temperature & humidity sensor
Temperature & humidity sensor

Weekly microclimate summary

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Smartphone Leaf Imaging

Standard RGB colour images of leaves are used as a record of crop health. Rather than take many images, representative leaves from each variety can be imaged using a smartphone.  Computer vision algorithms are used to produce quantitative indices of greenness, redness and blueness. These are related to chlorophyll, anthocyanine and carotenoid plant pigment concentrations.

Leaf pigment report

Leaf images are taken using a Leafbox, which allows the calculation of chlorophyll and carotenoid values. These index values can be thought of as similar to micro-molar (μM) concentrations of pigments in solution.

Fertiliser strawberry leaf response
Measure strawberry plant response to fertiliser
strawberry leaf
Smartphone strawberry leaf image taken with Leafbox

Changes in chlorophyll and carotenoid levels can be used to monitor responses to nutritional interventions and alert to progressive changes in plant health. Following extensive growth and fruit bearing, leaf pigment concentrations dropped. To restore the energy efficiency of the Centenary leaves, a liquid feed (N:P:K 8:34:32) was applied in weeks 22, 23 and 24. The figure above shows a marked increase in chlorophyll concentration by week 25. A similar response is seen in week 30 following further nutrient application in week 29.

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