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XpectralTEK have developed a precision viticulture platform that uses artificial intelligence to advise the  vineyard manager.

Antonio Cardoso, CEO of XpectralTEK reports that trials in  Portugal have demonstrated:


Up to 40% reduction in phytosanitary interventions

Up to 30% increase in yield

Up to 15 days earlier indication of disease problems

Microclimate measurements are gathered by SensITs in different sectors of the vineyard to give quantitative highly local information . Spectral imaging of individual leaves in chosen locations gives specific information on the condition of individual vines.  All measurements are stored and analysed in the Cloud returning status reports and advice to the manager.

The Xloora interface shows visually  sectors at risk of mildew and other diseases.

The SensIT environmental monitoring stations hourly report eight weather parameters: temperature, humidity, rainfall, wet leaf, sun irradiance, dew point,  barometric pressure and wind speed. Data is uploaded to the Cloud by the most efficient Internet Of Things connectivity. Powered by the sun, the stations are self-sufficient and easily positioned on vineyard posts.

The BACO leaf imager gives a quantitative, objective measure of vine health. Together with SensIT, BACO can predict the onset of diseases before they are apparent to the human eye.

Corbeau Innovation has made a precision viticulture pilot study using the XpectralTEK precision viticulture platform at Llanerch vineyard in South Wales.

For more information about the XpectralTEK vineyard management platform contact us directly.


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